Let us help you develop your own Live Internet TV shows!!!

     The streaming of "LIVE" interactive Internet TV shows is here and growing fast and everyone here at I Like It Live is excited about the future and what it holds. We're one big family riding a new wave of LIVE interactive entertainment on the Internet. Oprah Winfrey declared "Everybody wants two things, to be seen and heard". Our goal is to help everybody get exactly what they want deep down inside, to be SEEN as well as HEARD. We can also show you how you can earn revenue through the sale of advertising, which only sweetens the possibilities.
     Our 6+ years of experience in the world of streaming video and content development will also help you avoid the pitfalls of "starting from scratch". Anything that you have an interest in, including but not limited to sports, politics, business, music, physical fitness, gossip, world news, health, cooking, gardening, fashion, comedy, religion, art, etc., can be turn into a LIVE show that can be viewed by any of the more than 3,000,000,000 people with access to the Internet. The possibilities are almost endless and limited only by your creativity and desire.
     We offer the ability to use green screen technology to give you just the right background for your show. Your show will have 2 linkable ad banners, space for larger banner ads or powerpoint presentation, a LIVE chat box for interaction with your viewing audience, and the ability to take phone calls while you're" on the air". Your show is stored in real time at the servers so no uploading is required and is ready for VOD (viewing on demand) immediately. We also add your show banner to our "shows" page and list the link to your show on our "schedule" page here on the www.ilikeitlive.com website. Our webcasting facilities are located on Chamblee Dunwoody near I-285 just north of Atlanta. Our pricing is as follows:


Show times and cost:
One 30 min. show per month $85/mo.
Two 30 min. shows per month $110/mo.
Four 30 min. shows per month $150/mo.
One 60 min. show per month $120/mo.
Two 60 min. shows per month $170/mo.
Four 60 min. shows per month $250/mo.
Comf5 PresenterPro account is included in pricing.
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If you decide to just get presenterPro by comf5 (the online streaming service) we can also give you FREE consultation on setting up your own studio (at minimal cost) which will allow you to broadcast anytime day or night 7 days a week from any location that gives you access to an internet connection (including your aircard). Across the street or across the country.

Call Al Burroughs @ 404-234-4301 for more information