“Al Burroughs is a seasoned veteran in sound and music. All the secrets this generation needs will be unlocked with Al!”-Speech (Arrested Development)


“Al Burroughs is one of the most respected engineers in Atlanta. I did a lot of my recording and producing with Al at the board. Absolutely No Regrets.”-Tomi Martin (Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Three 5 Human, and others)


“Engineers are the gateway between an entertainer and their audience. A great engineer can make a mediocre artists sound like a million bucks, and sadly the opposite is also true. Al Burroughs is a veteran who has been thrilling audiences for decades. Whatever knowledge he passes on will serve to enlighten the new school of sound engineers and further the craft in an organic way for future audiences yet to be born. Love what you do/Learn what you do! Happy mixing!”-Eddie Irons (Brick, Morris Day and the Time)


“Anyone out there looking to get great music knowledge with experience should definitely check out Al Burroughs studio and music biz courses. I definitely will.”-Allan Grip Smith (Keith Sweat, Silk, SOS Band and more)


"Not only is Al Burroughs a great drummer, bassist and keyboardist... he is a world class engineer!!! I highly recommend him for any recording session"-Barry Richman (Guitarist, Recording Artist)